About Us

We have been serving robust and futuristic industrial automation solutions for 10 years and have helped many industries to increase their efficiency and elevate their standards to a level of excellence. We are an Australian based business and aim to expand our exceptional services across the globe. At TS Automation, we serve adequate solutions for various industries, including Oil and Gas, Mining (Coal, Iron Ore, Alumina, and Gold), Waste water, manufacturing, Infrastructure etc.

Our clients receive the utmost ease and top-notch advanced services about their industrial requirements. At TS Automation, clients receive friendly customer support and maintenance assistance after the automation service, eliminating the possibility of any hiccup post the service. We help you transform and elevate the efficiency and capability of your industrial mechanization with the integration of smart and innovative solutions like PLC, SCADA, HMI programming methods.

Industrial Automation is an art at the heart of what we do. TS uses its best analytical expertise, knowledge, skill, and professionalism to devise a unique solution to integrate befitting programming and automation in each of our projects. We have successfully rendered the best possible industrial instrumentational services, from programming to commissioning and developing new technologies in strategic projects. We engineer alterations and solutions, uniquely for each subjective project that elevates our confidence to take on further diverse natured challenging projects on the go. At TS Automation, we endeavour to render high-quality automation services and stand out for efficiency, availability, delivery, productivity, and professionalism.


Our vision is to excel in mechanization solutions and become the global leaders of industrial automation. We endeavour to bring about the best possible innovations to refine the automation and bring technology to use by easing up the processing and HMI in industries.


Values are the key factor that provokes any business; therefore, we prioritize our client-oriented values to a great extent. Our values include integrity, assured quality, delivery, and committed service.


We aim to bring about robust and innovative automation solutions that best-fit each of our clients, projects, factory, or plant and bring exceptional ease in technical processing to satisfy our customers to a great extent.


Assured Quality

TS Automation promises to integrate ultra-modern equipment and expertise to ensure quality in each project in its unique way.

Committed Service

Our customer service is available 24/7 and assures assistance until the project is completed and maintenance for the ongoing projects. We keep you updated at each step of automation or programming.

Innovative Solutions

We exclusively bring along new automation solutions to help solve your industrial mechanical or technical issues with technology, strategy, and expertise.


TS Automation values its integrity and works ethics to a great extent. Therefore, endeavours to render as much satisfaction and ease to each client as possible with the exclusivity of its services.


We believe that professionalism is a trademark in itself. So, it is our critical distinguishing factor, and we have maintained our professionalism for a decade now.

Customer Oriented Service

Our services are purely customer-oriented. We work to build you and not just to bill you, and so we the extra mile in serving perfection in whatever we do.

Some other Values to choose from:


All dealings are conducted with dignity, respect, and honesty.


Take the personnel responsible for the quality and the delivery of your work.


We work together to achieve business and personal objectives.


Build open and honest relationships through communication.


Take a professional attitude to all interactions internally and externally.