Our Services


At TS automation, we offer to develop power and processing control system from start to finish. Besides, we also do the automation of your industry or plant to help the staff regulate and operate well in a technologically upgraded environment. By having expert automation and electronically controlled machinery, you can quickly engineer with the concept of commissioning with no damage to the machine itself and a profound reduction in capital expenditure. Moreover, our service ensures maintenance and operation support in the initial phase alongside it.

Project Management

TS Automation is very particular about its project management, ensuring safe delivery, integration of PLC, SCADA, and HMI, electronic upgrading complying the industrial requirements, and ensuring results in each project that we do. We abide by all the governmental laws regarding the delivery and safety of the customer. We are accredited from OHSAS 18001, ISO9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 and assure you about our customer safety, and quality integrated delivery values. Our projects are mainly delivered based on schedule and budget; however, quality standards are met in each. Our resource allocation decides the module for our plan of action. However, our services are customer-oriented, so we make sure that there are no delays or complications during the project.

Support Services

TS Automation is known for its compatibility and cooperation with the support after executing any service or any automation plan. We offer a thorough and expert support service according to our customer-oriented values. TS Automation, with its extensive expertise, help you to excel and familiarize yourself with the automation of the service that we rendered. Our project management system ensures that timely support is provided safely and efficiently. You can contact us at 07 3118 1708 for 24/7 support in guaranteed response time. We provide technical and managerial help with each service for your ease to get through the initial management phase.

Software Development

TS Automation provides software development/system coding services for PLC, DCS, SCADA systems.

Engineering & Design

TS Automation carry out engineering and design of Industrial Automation and Low Voltage Electrical Systems for new projects or upgrade.