Our Projects

Zinc Mining

Vast ongoing project for our client in northern Queensland in which we have integrated our exceptional team of design and operation engineers with a collaboration of purchasers, suppliers, contractors, and other instrumentational staff to devise adequate extraction and processing of zinc silicate. In compliance with health and safety regulations, we also entertain the client vigorously in this time of pandemic as well and provide complete support with the project. Our experts offer them ongoing maintenance and support to ensure smooth running and regulation of the mining process on the go. In this project, we automated the mining process using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Distributed Control System (DCS). Moreover, we tested, maintained, and modified the existing systems using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Jameson Cell (New Century resources)

In 2020 TS Automation is awarded the contract to upgrade the existing PLC Control System to a new Schneider Electric solution.

  • Jameson Cells are very common in zinc flotation globally
  • FEED & minor refurbishment work on Jameson Cell underway, including circuit tie‐ins
  • TS Automation is engaged in system design, commissioning and overall implementation Target: Progressive throughput increase towards 12Mtpa & 50‐54% recoveries

The zinc industry is composed of a complex web of production, processing, and end-use manufacturing critical to maintaining and ensuring food supply; production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment; and protecting essential transportation, energy, and public works infrastructure during the COVID 19 crisis.

Zinc is an essential trace element and plays an active role in the function of more than 300 enzymes and hormones and there are multiple clinical trials now underway looking at zinc efficacy for treating COVID-19 infections. Zinc deficiency causes significant losses in crop production and crop quality, as well as reduced growth and feed conversion rates in livestock. As a result, access to zinc fertilizers and feed supplements are critical to food and nutrition security. Likewise, zinc is critical to the supply chain of medical devices now in dire need, including:

Defibrillators, Artificial respiration devices, Ionization units, Air purifiers, Portable oxygen supplies, Inhalers, Monitoring devices.

As a result, there is a need of increased supply of Zinc and keeping zinc actively available is very critical at this point. TS Automation is working hard with New Century resources for the Jameson cell upgradation process to achieve the target without slowing down the operation.

The scope of work included:

  • Electrical Engineering, including RPEQ approved designs.
  • Control systems design and implementation.
  • Integration of existing SCADA and interfacing/modifications to existing PLCs.
  • Commissioning of instrumentation and filed controls.
  • Test Plans and Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Site Electrical Inspections.
  • Full commissioning of upgradation.

Ultrafine Milling (UFM) & Cleaner Tails Recirc. (Noosa zinc mining UFM)

  • 2019 Optimisation of existing UFM circuit
  • Increased power draw to improve liberation (reduced particle size) for more efficient cleaner circuit performance
  • Cleaner tails recirculation trial underway, targeting full utilisation of excess capacity in scavenger circuit Target: Throughput >10Mtpa & consistent recoveries 48‐50%

The scope of work included:

  • Conversion/Rewrite of existing PLC program
  • Testing of code and reconnected I/O including FAT and commissioning
  • Optimisation of code and selected Plant Processes

Water Treatment Plant

We exclusively rendered our expert services to a wastewater treatment plant and the expertise of our managerial and technical staff. Our professional team of design, operation, instrumentation, mechanization engineers, and modifiers, with skilled officials, designed a complete modification program for water storage, purification processes, germ removal process automation, chlorination, and plant distribution. We used intellectual and technical capabilities. We integrate futuristic and innovative designs and compliance technology like SCADA, PLC, DCS, and HMI in the instrumentation of the whole plant. Moreover, we offered our ongoing assistance with maintenance and effective running and skilled regulation of the plant.

TS Automation is a part of the contract to Design and Construct a new telemetry SCADA control system to replace the existing infrastructure.

The scope of work included:

  • SCADA and Telemetry System development
  • RTU Panel manufacture
  • Electrical switchboard and software Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Development of risk management procedures for installation and cutover of the new system

Coal Mining

TS Automation understands the regulations and issues affecting the coal and energy mining sectors. Today, coal mining is under intense scrutiny for its effect on health, safety, and the environment. Our experts have upgraded and develop the well head control system for the client.

Our professionals have worked with a variety of mining operations worldwide, including underground and surface coal mining, and surface and underground energy mines operations, including coal washing and energy mineral milling and leaching operations.

The scope of work included:

  • Added extra process controllers to ensure well operates autonomously under most operational conditions.
  • Implemented alarm management to reduce alarm floods
  • Increased operator situation awareness.